PICO RIVERIA, CA-Garwood Laboratories Inc. has reached its golden anniversary as a product-certification testing laboratory.

"While testing standards and technology have accelerated in complexity and sophistication over these last 50 years, Garwood has expanded services and capabilities to meet the needs, desires, environments and dreams that engineers requested us to simulate," says Jim Armstrong, Garwood's owner and president. "We believe that everything we test could affect the lives of our families one day, so the quality of our testing services is really important to me."

Founded in 1954 by Jack and Chuck Garwood, the company offers complete reliability testing for the certification of components and systems for the automotive, aerospace, military, medical, transportation and commercial markets. Garwood's capabilities include complete dynamic, thermal, EMI/EMC/RF, fiber optic component analysis, earthquake simulation, fire testing and airborne contaminant testing services. For further information about Garwood Labora-tories, visit their Web site at www.garwoodtestlabs.com.