DETROIT-General Motors awards Michigan-based United Sales & Services Inc. (USS), a three-year blanket order for DVT vision error-proofing equipment, and also blanket orders for integration, engineering, labor, fixtures and panels.

DVT equipment includes an array of cameras and equipment such as lighting, cables, lenses and breakout boards. Other equipment includes the USS versa-mount used for camera mounting and lighting. The mounts have five-axis adjustments and are made from 1⁄2-inch aluminum, for fixturing the USS versa-fixture. USS also provides robot mounts and fence mounting kits and a DeviceNet interface enclosure used for DVT cameras.

Integration labor, under the contract, includes programming, engineering support, installation support, project management, emergency service and maintenance service available to GM globally. Currently, USS has several applications completed in 13 GM plants, including Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana and Ohio.