Height gage

The Digimar CX2 family of digital height gages is a series of motorized, programmable height measuring systems suited for both gage lab and production measurement use. The fully motorized measuring slide minimizes operator influence on part probing for better precision and repeatability. Measuring and evaluation functions include the measurement of planes, grooves, bores and shafts, and the calculation of distances and symmetries. The measuring range includes 14, 24 and 40 inches.

Mahr Federal Inc.
(800) 333-4243

pH testers

The Oakton pocket-size pH testers have been updated, including a redesigned IP67-rated housing with a 1 1/16-inch display. The pHTester 30 has dual pH tester and temperature readout. All models offer increased buffer recognition at both U.S. and NIST standard buffer values and up to three-point pH calibration. Each unit includes a Valox electrode housing that resists most chemicals while protecting the glass electrode against breakage.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
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Mechanical tester

The all-electric tabletop mechanical tester is capable of tensile, compression and cyclic fatigue tests with static force ratings to 4,000 pounds and test speeds to 20 hertz. The 800L performs screw-driven machine applications such as tension, compression, shear, tear and peel testing.

TestResources Inc.
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Software inspection modules

Both the qfp|module and the mlf|module are fully automated measurement solutions and eliminate the need for an operator to determine pass/fail criteria. With the release of new automation tools, both modules increase automated inspection capabilities and defect coverage beyond current standards for off-line X-ray equipment. The qfp|module covers all inspection criteria as detailed in the IPC-A-610C standard. The software detects, evaluates and indicates failed solder joints. Both modules can store the defect image and detected defects recorded to a local or network drive.

phoenix|x-ray Systems + Services Inc.
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Electronic caliper

With IP65 protection, the 797 electronic caliper series is resistant to coolant, water, dust, dirt and metal chips. The calipers have an easy-to-read LCD with 0.31-inch high characters, zero at any position, instant inch and millimeter conversion, manual on and off with auto-off after 4 hours of non-use, and a CR2032 battery with more than 3,500 of life. All 797 calipers include an RS232 output port for collecting and outputting data. The calipers meet DIN862 linear accuracy and have 0.0005-inch resolution. The instruments are available in a variety of measuring ranges.

The L.S. Starrett Co.
(978) 249-3551

Temperature recorder

A battery-powered thermocouple temperature recorder can operate over a wide temperature range and transmit data instantly up to 1 mile away. The portable, two-channel device can record up to 4,095 readings per channel and display data in real time while continuing to log. The unit can be started, stopped and configured directly from a computer. Reading rates can be set from one every 30 seconds to one per hour.

MadgeTech Inc.
(603) 456-2011

Infrared camera

The InSight T250 delivers precision temperature measurement up to 250 C. With thermal sensitivities of less that 0.10 C, clear images are provided even with hot spots in the background. The unit offers point-and-shoot use. SightView image analysis and reporting software is included.

Infrared Solutions Inc.
(763) 551-0003

Motion analysis camera control software

Motion Tools, automated slow-motion analysis camera control software, is designed for use with Photron's PC-based high-speed video cameras. The basic camera control and image replay software includes simple, automatic single-point tracking or a manual tracking feature that captures one to four points per frame. The software has an automatic download module that triggers the system to save a predetermined number of frames both before and after an alarm is received.

Photron USA Inc.
(800) 585-2129

CMM accessories

Several new coordinate measuring machine accessories and styli are available in lightweight aluminum 7075, including cubes, double cubes, cube stars, disc probes, extensions, adapters and knuckles. Styli feature ruby balls of grade 10 or better. Many styli are available with either drilled or undrilled ruby balls.

Paul W. Marino Gages Inc.
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Laser sensor head

The Class II, 3r and Class IIIb Selcom SLS 2401 provide accurate measurement in a tight work envelope requiring a faster sampling rate, higher resolution and higher speed profile of problematic areas. The sensor has a measuring range of 20 millimeters or 50 millimeters, depending on the model selected, and a standoff distance of 50 or 80 millimeters. Accuracy is ±0.1 of the measurement range and a sample rate of 16 kilohertz. Spot size is 0.055 or 0.090 millimeters. A visible laser diode provides easy set-up and safety.

LMI Technologies Inc.
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