Optiscan sensors

The Datapixel Optiscan H-Class noncontact sensor simplifies the reverse engineering and inspection processes by producing a digital copy of a part. This speeds up the reverse engineering and inspection processes, enabling these operations to be completed up to 10 times faster than traditional touch-point systems. The Optiscan can be retrofitted to any coordinate measuring machine.

GBI Cincinnati Inc.
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Metrology interface

The P-400 DRO Metrology Interface, a multi-functional gaging terminal, offers an intuitive display and can apply mathematical formulas to measurement data from up to 16 output channels for on-the-spot analysis. It offers statistical process control analysis from an integrated database, dynamic min/max measurement reporting and connectivity to PCs and other peripherals. Combined with an air/electronic converter and air gage tooling or LVDTs, the unit is a high-accuracy, economical gaging instrument ideal for applications requiring up to eight discrete inputs. Operators get visual feedback from an easy-to-read, familiar interface with standard color cues and a choice of graphical formats.

Precision Gage & Tool Co.
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The Reference coordinate measuring machine (CMM) uses Leitz Scanning Probe (LSP) technology for high-speed scanning of geometric shapes and free-form surfaces. LSP technology combines all facets of the probing process including automatic probe weight compensation, advanced motion controller firm-ware and advanced filtering algorithms to support high-speed, high-accuracy open- and closed-loop scanning applications. This technology facilitates both high-speed scanning of known and unknown contours and the advantage of measuring with long probe extensions.

The control system incorporates continuous axes motion interpolation, integrating axes movements by eliminating stops and corners. Adaptive scanning modes improve scanning accuracy and throughput by optimizing 3-D vector path control for parts with a changing rate of curvature. The unit can be equipped with QUINDOS or PC-DMIS measurement and inspection software. Options include an automatic probe changer, rotary table and interface to accommodate manual and automatic part loading systems.

Brown & Sharpe Inc.
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Portable XRF

This portable X-ray tube-based alloy analyzer offers high sample volume testing for in-service PMI. In-Service Positive Materials ID (PMI) on 800 F and hotter surfaces are now routinely performed using these units. A shock-proof mounting and heat-sinking mechanism for the X-ray tube helps to eliminate heat-related tube failures and shutdowns that plague portable XRF systems. The unit's design accommodates wide temperature swings, without which tube sparking can occur and thus lead to tube or board failure.

Innov-X Systems
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Cross scanner

The XC50 cross scanner is a high-speed, multi-stripe laser sensor targeting the inspection of features and gap and step in automotive applications. The unit enables efficient scanning of features such as holes, slots, pockets, and gap and step between car body panels. The unit offers better part coverage be-cause the object is simultaneously scanned from three directions and real 3-D measurement results in an accurate 3-D representation of the feature.

Metris USA
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Dimensional measurement system

The Pinnacle is a large format noncontact dimensional measurement system for high volume, high capacity operation in production environments ranging from clean rooms to factory floors. The unit has a precision granite base and column, passive vibration isolation system, non-contact stage encoders. Its dual-magnification optical system uses two cameras for near instantaneous magnification changes.

Multi-color LED illumination systems allow use of monochromatic red, green, blue or white light for the high resolution imaging of the toughest applications. The unit has a measuring range of 250 by 165 by 100 millimeters (XYZ) and an accuracy of U2 (XY plane) = (1.5 + 4L/1000) micrometer and resolution to 0.025 micrometer.

View Engineering
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Gage interface

The FP-4U-TS FlexPort Universal Gage Interface now enables statistical process control (SPC) data collection with the use of a toggle switch. The unit allows data collection by way of foot switch, PC host command, and now a toggle switch. The FlexPort connects digital gages such as Mitutoyo, Fowler, Federal Maxum, Chicago Dial Indictor, Mahr, Starrett, and Brown & Sharpe, along with serial devices such as weigh scales, balances, counters, coordinate measuring machines and others. This line of interfaces is ready to collect data right out of the box-no special software, DIP switches or handshaking is required between the FlexPort and SPC software.

Midwest FlexSystems Inc.
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Measurement system

The Optiflex QCZ-2000 Granite Z series inspection and measurement system is a compact and easy-to-use turnkey systems packed with features including state-of-the-art color video, quality zoom optics and the new Metronics QC200 Series Geometric Measurement DRO now featuring geometric toleranc-ing. All systems are available in 8 by 4 inch and 12 by 12 inch formats. The system has been designed for the shop floor or any inspection lab requiring quick and easy operation. Operators of any skill level will be able to measure and inspect parts.

Aven Inc.
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Data collection

Inspect 3.0 visual attribute data collection software, designed to reduce the costs associated with scrap, rework, warranty claims and production bottlenecks, has enhanced functionality for defect track-ing. The software is a tool for collecting, analyzing and reporting defect-related data in applications where part and assembly defect information is critical to the production of quality parts.

Visual defect identification and control is as easy as touching the screen. Defects can be found, flagged and a record sent to rework in a matter of seconds. Automated routing for rework is optional. The software displays digital images of the part or assembly to be inspected and uses simple touch screen tools to identify and evaluate defects. Data is stored in an SQL database, available for immediate access from any Web browser via reporting software.

The software also includes a large range of defect-reporting tools and an interface to e-mail, paging and other electronic notification tools.

ASI DataMyte
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Remote inspection system

TechnoPack XTM, a complete remote visual inspection (RVI) system, offers a wide range of design features, including the LaserTrue laser measuring system and Clearview Technology. The system can be rolled right to the worksite-everything, including the videoscope, is connected and ready for use. Just open the case and the keyboard with mouse and SVGA big-screen monitor raise into position.

Along with the monitor and keyboard, TechnoPack X holds the new TechnoPack II CCU/light source, and a range of inspection instruments. The TechnoPack II can operate a wide range of videoscopes. By attaching a CCD camera images from fiberscopes and borescopes can be captured.

The TechnoPack II is equipped with both PCMCIA cards and floppy disk drives for image storage and transfer and can be removed from the case and operated as a stand-alone DC powered unit.

Karl Storz Inc.
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The Big Beam Sensor has a large measurement area that provides versatility when measuring width and height of solid and opaque targets. The sensor's functionality is not affected by target surface color or reflectivity.

The sensor uses a modulated laser source to back light the object being measured. The portion of this light that reaches the receiver (detector) is proportional to the dimension of the part, gen-erating dimensional data output. A large beam height up to 30 millimeters ensures proper measurement for larger targets. Repeatability is better than 0.5% at 5 kilohertz and typical resolution is 0.003 millimeter of the measurement range. Measurement frequency is up to 5 kilohertz.

The sensor has a simple, high-speed analog output. A sensor controller/amplifier also comes with the unit.

LMI Technologies (USA) Inc.
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Gaging system

The MicroComp microcomputer-based gaging system has a gaging resolution to 0.1 micron, a high-accuracy LVDT probe, and a user-friendly, menu driven LCD. The on-screen menus allow easy part set up, part changeover, data transmission, zeroing and total indicator runout.

Albion Devices Inc.
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