One of the highlights of Reed's Assembly Technology Expo China 2006 (August 29 to 31, Shenzhen Exhibition and Convention Center) will be the Quality Expo China 2006, which brings together the cumulative knowledge of professional engineers and experts. In previous U.S. exhibitions this has been a popular learning platform because it allows visitors to get on-the-spot answers from top-class engineers and computer programmers who have researched, developed and fine-tuned assembly machinery and software programs.

The Quality Expo China 2006, co-hosted by Quality Magazine, will showcase the latest generation of products and allow visitors to gain insights into the tools and equipment that are necessary to produce high-quality goods. At the conference, professionals will unveil state-of-the-art equipment that helps market leaders to not only improve the quality of their goods, but also simultaneously reduce costs. "Quality assurances will give buyers a certain peace of mind that is priceless," says Reed Exhibitions Vice President Josephine Lee.

Improving safety measures and environmental standards are of the utmost concern for many industry specialists; however, decision makers often have little specialist knowledge about the advanced machinery used in assembly production. Having on-site engineers and quality control specialists allows seasoned industry professionals further insight into the tools needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Industry leaders have noted that fine distinctions in quality can determine whether a business will gain a stronghold on the market, so ensuring top-quality manufacturing has become a mounting concern for businesses in China's competitive market. At the Quality Expo China 2006 experts will show visitors how quality control testing equipment can be applied to meet customers' specific needs. Indeed, market leaders who have visited an Assembly Technology Expo show often return again and again, because it gives them the skills, knowledge and contacts to outshine their competition.

Quality Expo China 2006 is held in conjunction with Assembly Technology Expo China 2006 Shenzhen Exhibition and Convention Center, August 29 to 31. For more information, visit