ScanShark is an inspection and reverse engineering system. This dual-purpose solution includes a seven-axis Infinite portable CMM, a ScanShark 4Vi laser scanning probe, PolyWorks software, and a laptop or desktop computer. The mobile metrology system delivers the power of articulated-arm measurement and laser scanning for on-demand part inspection and reverse engineering right on the shop floor. The system is scalable and offered in three configurations: an inspection solution with PolyWorks/Inspect, a reverse-engineering solution with PolyWorks/Modeler and the full inspection/reverse engineering package with PolyWorks Inspect and Modeler. The ScanShark product line is designed to help control the quality of parts, tooling and assemblies during every phase of manufacturing. With precision scanning and probing capabilities, operators can identify errors or deviations in the production process, inspect first assembled parts, check tool wear and part quality, and perform final part verification.

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