Techspec lenses are fixed focal point lenses that offer object-space resolution better than 2 line-pairs per millimeter and are available in popular focal lengths such as 8.5 and 12 millimeters. These lenses are designed for high-speed, high-resolution imaging, making them suited for online inspection applications. The high-resolution fixed focal length lenses support sensors as large as ²⁄³ inch and provide an angular field of view greater than 40 degrees. At the lens’ minimum working distance of 200 millimeters, this corresponds to a field 240 millimeters wide for the 8.5-millimeter focal length lens (#58-000) and 155 millimeters for the 12-millimeter focal length lens (#58-001). The short focal lengths of these macro lenses allow them to work in low-lighting applications, offering speeds as fast as f-1.3.