Calabasas, CA-National Technical Systems Inc. (NTS), provider of engineering services, announces the acquisition of United States Test Laboratory, LLC (USTL) located in Wichita, KA,  provider of testing of soft body armor, helmet, firearm safety devices, handgun testing, stab resistance and hard body armor testing.

William McGinnis, president and CEO of NTS states, “The USTL business is very profitable, highly specialized and designed for and dedicated to meeting the specialty requirements of mechanical testing of personnel protection equipment. This acquisition aligns with our growth strategy to provide a wider breadth of services to government, military and law enforcement agencies. Our plan is to expand facilities at USTL to meet the growing demand for personnel protection equipment and align the USTL expertise and certifications with our Camden facility expertise and facilities and develop an overall additional capability to test vehicle protection equipment. We believe the strategy of a combined offering of testing personnel protection equipment and testing vehicle armor protection uniquely positions NTS as a specialized armor service company and creates added potential for continued revenue and margin growth.”