SOUTHINGTON, CT, November 12-The Baumer Group, supplier of sensor solutions, motion control equipment, vision technologies and process instrumentation, has announced the recent merger of four existing, independent divisions into a newly created entity focusing entirely on motion control solutions. As a result of the merger, Baumer Motion Control becomes the single source international supplier of a line of motion products and technologies from Baumer, Baumer Hübner, Baumer IVO and Baumer Thalheim.

Products offered by the new Baumer Motion Control division will include incremental and absolute encoders, magnetic encoders, intelligent compact drives for actuators and positioning systems, heavy duty encoders, heavy duty tachogenerators, absolute encoders with fieldbus interfaces, mechanical and electronic counters and tachometers, electronic shaft positioning systems with absolute sensing, compact incremental encoders, ultra-precise encoders with sine output signals, and incremental encoders with large hollow shaft diameters.

"Our customers want suppliers who provide solutions that support their new product development," says Ken Talentino, president of Baumer Ltd. "Baumer Motion Group has the products and core technologies to satisfy these needs.”