Rochester, NY―Optical Gaging Products Inc. (OGP) announces an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Etalon of Braunschweig, Germany, for their volumetric calibration instrument for mapping the geometric errors of measurement machines and machine tools. According to R. Stephen Flynn, president of OGP, “The ETALON volumetric calibration instrument is relatively new technology providing a simple and fast procedure for the spatial calibration of measuring instruments and machine tools. Its flexibility and precision make it the ideal method for calibrating measuring machines and machine tools to sub-micron accuracy.”

The ETALON volumetric calibration instrument is placed on the measurement system, and the laser beam locks on to the retroreflector that is attached to its probing system. After the ETALON instrument has registered a few positions on the measurement system, its software automatically tests the entire measuring volume and generates a measurement report. The ETALON volumetric calibration instrument will be introduced by OGP at IMTS 2008 in booth D-4521.