WEST SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, September 3-British Airways plc has purchased a Mecmesin MultiTest 5-x force testing system to perform quality control assessments on aircraft brake unit springs. Mecmesin is a designer and supplier of force and torque measurement solutions.

The Aircraft, Wheels and Brakes department is responsible for the repair and overhaul of aircraft brake units on various Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Testing the brake unit springs is an important part of the overhaul process to ensure the pistons extend and retract and that these safety critical components perform correctly.

Lionel Fearon, product support engineer at British Airways says, “Use of the MultiTest 5-x has simplified and accelerated the testing of aircraft brake unit springs. Having input the parameters per the CMM into the unit, we are able to test a spring at the touch of a button and have a near instantaneous result without ambiguity. The machine has not only simplified the testing procedure, it has helped to improve the process and flow through the shop.”

The MultiTest 5-x is used to perform a compression test, simulating the performance of the springs with a specific load range.