TORRANCE, CA - In a survey between June 2007 and May 2008, an independent 3rd party reported that 85% of the 500 manufacturers that received consulting services in Southern California, under the federal Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program, stated they had recorded increases in competitiveness. These improvements were as a result of implementing changes recommended through consulting services provided by the California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC).

The improvement results, compiled from companies receiving CMTC consulting by an independent survey conducted by Synovate, are usually from improvements in their production techniques. Benefits from these services were noted as substantial and have major implications for the California economy. Details reported separately by over 100 of the total manufacturers surveyed (who committed to more intensive changes) show that improvements made have a direct correlation to staying in business and staying in California. The significance of the gains with these 100 manufacturers can be judged from:

- 80 companies said improvements were significant to growing their business and adding jobs
- 65 companies said improvements made were significant to staying in business.
- 45 companies said improvements enabled them to stay in California.