ITHACA, NY, August 12-Software provider Palisade Corp. and management consultancy Rath & Strong have formed a partnership whereby Palisade is to expand the role of Monte Carlo simulation in Lean Six Sigma practice.

Based in Lexington, MA, Rath & Strong’s current consulting and training emphasizes Lean Six Sigma. Palisade’s software @RISK 5.0 will be an analytic tool for Rath & Strong, and Palisade will advise the firm’s consultants on the use of Monte Carlo simulation in process improvement.

“As many Six Sigma black belts know, Monte Carlo simulation is an important technique for Lean Six Sigma and design for Six Sigma because it allows practitioners to simulate and optimize process variables before implementation,” says Steve Hunt, Six Sigma project manager for Palisade. “This reduces the time and cost of any design of experiment process.”