ATLANTA, GA-3DScanCo has announced a partnership with Minneapolis-based Laser Design Inc., a supplier of 3-D laser scanners. By partnering with LDI, 3DScanCo has added 3-D laser scanners to its repertoire.

These scanners include the Surveyor WS-Series high-precision scanning system and the portable Surveyor-FA (Faro Arm) scanner with an 8-inch laser line scanner. The portable system greatly expands 3DscanCo’s on-site scanning capabilities and the Wenzel CMM-based WS-Series will provide 3DScanCo with high-accuracy scanning.

“3DScanCo strives to provide premier 3-D scanning services and systems,” says Tom O'Dea, 3DscanCo’s general manager. “We believe Laser Design’s high-accuracy and high-speed equipment will help us continue to give customers a competitive edge in today’s manufacturing world.”

“The engineers at 3DScanCo have a wealth of experience in performing 3D laser scanning for customers in a variety of industries,” adds Laser Design President C. Martin Schuster.