GLENDALE, AZ-My American Jobs Inc., which earlier this year established a new process aimed at identifying and certifying products made in the United States, is embarking on a major effort to align with top U.S. trade associations, unions and other entities representing American companies, workers and products.

Recognizing that labor unions and trade associations play unique roles in the development, growth and success of American companies, My American Jobs Inc. is reaching out to the groups to develop a coordinated approach to help call attention to products made domestically.

"In these tough economic times with cheap imports continuing to flood the nation and helping drive unemployment rates to record highs, the spirit and commitment of those U.S. employers-small, medium and large-who stand behind the high quality and value of products manufactured in the U.S. with American-made parts, assembly and workmanship should be given special recognition," says Bryan Aldridge, chief executive officer of My American Jobs.

"We believe all American consumers are entitled to know the amount of verified U.S. content employed within the products they purchase," says Aldridge. "At My American Jobs Inc., our sole mission is to provide that critical sourcing information to the nation's consumers via an unbiased, audited certification process."

Aldridge believes that a concerted effort on the part of manufacturing management, labor and trade groups to certify American-made products will ultimately benefit consumers, manufacturers and workers across the U.S.

Under the program, three distinct levels of product certification are available:

  • 3 Star requires that more than 50% of the product is sourced from within the U.S.
  • 4 Star requires that more than 75% of the product is sourced from within the U.S. and that the product assembly also is within the U.S.
  • 5 Star requires that more than 95% of the product is sourced from within the U.S. and that the product assembly also is within the U.S.

    Products with less than 50% U.S. sourcing are not eligible for certification.

    Established by partners Aldridge and Chris Blumhagen, both longtime members of the manufacturing community who have witnessed first-hand the flight of industries, products and jobs overseas, My American Jobs Inc. launched in February and continues to generate interest from U.S. manufacturers coast to coast.

    The firm recently increased staff and opened its new headquarters in Glendale, AZ.

    For more information about My American Jobs Inc., visit or call Bryan Aldridge at (866) 321-0495.