WASHINGTON, D.C.-On Labor Day, President Obama appointed Ron Bloom as the administration’s senior counselor for manufacturing policy.

Working closely with the National Economic Council, Bloom will provide leadership on policy development and strategic planning for the president’s agenda to revitalize the manufacturing sector. He will work with departments and agencies across the administration-including the Departments of Commerce, Treasury, Energy and Labor-to integrate existing programs and develop new initiatives affecting the manufacturing sector.

Bloom has served as the head of the administration’s automotive task force since February 2009, and will remain in that position. Prior to joining the Obama administration, Bloom was a special assistant to the president of the United Steelworkers Union.

“Distinguished by his extraordinary service on the Auto Task Force and his extensive experience with both business and labor, Ron has the knowledge and experience necessary to lead the way in creating the good-paying manufacturing jobs of the future,” said President Obama. “We must do more to harness the power of American ingenuity and productivity so that we can put people back to work and unleash our full economic potential.”

“A strong manufacturing sector is a cornerstone of American competitiveness and a critical part of President Obama’s economic strategy,” said Bloom “As we meet the challenges of globalization and technological change, it is vital to have a concerted effort across the Administration to support an innovative, vibrant manufacturing sector.”