The 9700 Series video inspection system is built on an integrated solid granite base and vertical column for stability and accuracy. The measuring stage has an anodized 18- by 18-inch top plate with 12- by 12-inch travel, 0.00005-inch resolution via precision glass scales and 6-inch focus travel. Also included is LED surface and substage illumination, a high-resolution color camera with a 17-inch LCD flat screen monitor, electronic crosshair generator with automatic edge indicator, 30X to 180X par focal zoom lens and the choice of four Quadra-Chek DROs.

The system also is available with two- or three-axis motorized stages, or full computer numerical control (CNC) three-axis controls with the Quadra-Chek 300 and 5000 Series DROs featuring video edge detection, image capturing, auto focus and programmable lighting.

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