SANTA MONICA, CA--U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced the launch of two major investigations of the unintended vehicle acceleration issue.

“It is gratifying to know that the government is attempting to resolve an issue that has caused driver concerns for decades,” stated CEO Jeremy Anwyl, who addressed this point in a letter to Secretary LaHood in late February.

In that letter, Anwyl wrote, “Every car company has a level of complaint volume from consumers relating to vehicles that suffered unintended acceleration. DoT and NHTSA should take the lead in coordinating an effort that involves all manufacturers. Sharing data and working collaboratively, perhaps together an answer can be found that working individually has rendered elusive.” is doing its part as well. The company will announce the rules for a contest in which it will award one million dollars to researchers who determine what is really causing sudden unexpected acceleration in vehicles.

“The government is putting the National Academy of Sciences and NASA to work on this issue, and we are challenging other brilliant minds to apply themselves as well,” commented Anwyl. “If there is an answer, it should be found soon.”