The American Society for Nondestructive Testing Inc. (ASNT) sponsors an annual award that will provide up to two $8,000 grants to foster the development of nondestructive testing and evaluation courses (NDT and NDE) as an integral part of its engineering curricula. The purpose of this program is to provide an incentive for faculty members in Accredited Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited engineering programs to revise existing courses or to develop new courses in the area of NDT and NDE.

The application process has now begun. Academic institutions with ABET accredited engineering programs are invited to submit proposals for the ASNT Faculty Grant Award 2011. The application deadline is December 1.

The proposal, with all supporting materials, should not exceed 20)single-sided sheets in reasonable font size . The title page should list the title, the university name, the name of the faculty member submitting the proposal, address, telephone number, and signatures of the faculty member and appropriate university officials.

The table of contents should contain a list of the major sections of the proposal and the page numbers where they may be found. The proposal shall describe a detailed program that has as its principal objective the modification of an existing course(s) or the development of a new course to teach nondestructive testing methods and applications.

The proposal shall contain a budget detailing the use of the grant funds. No indirect costs (overhead) can be charged against these grant funds. It is anticipated that the grant funds will be used to pay faculty salaries, purchase curriculum materials, or audio-visual materials. Substantial cost-sharing by the faculty member’s institution is expected. Requests up to $8,000 will be considered. No more than one application per faculty member will be considered.

Background information on the faculty submitting the proposal should be included. If possible, use ASNT’s Biographic Data Form for this information. The proposal should contain a letter of support from the departmental administrator.

Each recipient is required to submit a written report within one month following the stated completion date of the proposed program that would describe in detail the course outline, textbooks and references that were used, and include originals of any audio-visual materials developed.ASNT must be granted a royalty-free license for reproduction and distribution of such items.

A critical review will be made of all proposals by faculty and other scientists active in the area of NDT. Each proposal will be evaluated utilizing the following criteria:

  • Thoroughness of approach;

  • Documentation on number of students likely to be impacted;

  • Level of cost-sharing;

  • Qualification of faculty members; and,

  • Letter of support from departmental administrator.

    No more than one application per faculty member will be considered; therefore, if you have more than one idea you should prescreen them on your own before submitting your application. Award recipients will be notified following ASNT’s 20th Annual Research Symposium and Conference in March 2011. Funds will be available in July 2011. These grant funds shall be used to pay faculty salaries and purchase curriculum materials. Substantial cost-sharing by the institution is expected.

    An original and eight copies should be forwarded to:

    The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc.

    Stephanie Dille, Administrative Assistant

    1711 Arlingate Lane, P.O. Box 28518

    Columbus, OH 43228-0518

    Phone: (800) 222-2768 Ext. 223

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    If you have any questions pertaining to this award, please contact Stephanie Dille by phone or e-mail as referenced above.