MILWAUKEE, WI-ASQ ( has awarded Fellow status to 15 members. These individuals were elected Fellows by ASQ’s board of directors in November 2010. Fellows are recognized as having achieved professional distinction and pre-eminence in the technology, theory, education, application or management of quality control.

ASQ Fellows represent diverse industries, including healthcare, government and business, on a global scale. In 2010, fellows come from companies and organizations such as SSP Fittings Corp., Booz Allen Hamilton and the Transportation Security Administration. ASQ currently has 600 active Fellows.

“ASQ Fellows have an exceptional commitment to making our world work better through quality,” says E. David Spong, ASQ president. “They’re passionate about sharing their time, ideas and expertise-in their communities and globally. These men and women are today’s leaders of the quality movement.”

According to ASQ bylaws, Fellow membership status may be awarded to those individuals who have been ASQ members in good standing and meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 15 years of quality-related experience.

  • Meet minimum score requirements across six professional categories.

  • Are sponsored by peers and endorsed by their ASQ section and/or division.

  • Have been a Senior member for five years or longer.

    The new ASQ Fellows, in alphabetical order, are:

    David E. Brown, SSP Fittings Corp., Twinsburg, OH - For outstanding contributions in metrology, quality, statistics, design of experiments, ANOVA tools, publication, section leadership, consulting, and education; and for continuing contributions to robust new product development in the fluid device and systems technologies industry.

    M.M. “Mickey” Christensen,TQM Systems, Baton Rouge, LA - For outstanding leadership and service in the development of new healthcare processes and related quality techniques; for numerous contributions in the development of new quality theories for medical applications; and for continuing devotion to the implementation of these technologies.

    Gordon Clark, Clark Solutions Inc., Worthington, OH - For outstanding leadership in promoting statistical thinking and contributions to his ASQ division’s statistical thinking blog; for his improvement to ASQ’s Statistics Division website and other division websites through the Division Affairs Council; and for his initiation of a forum for continual quality improvement.

    Olga Delvecchio, Hamilton, Ontario - For significant contributions to the fields of quality and statistics in the metals industry; for advancing quality concepts through volunteer service as an educator, researcher, and auditor; and for leadership and continuing contributions to her ASQ section and the community.

    Stephen Kearny Hacker, Transformation Systems International LLC, Portland, OR- For leadership at the division and national levels; for recognized quality leadership in industry; for significant contributions to the quality sciences through education, research, and publications; and for steadfast championing of ASQ around the globe.

    Deborah L. Hopen, Deborah Hopen Associates Inc., Federal Way, WA- For many years of leadership in ASQ and the quality profession, and for outstanding contributions as a practitioner, consultant, and teacher. For introducing concepts and practices of quality to many organizations, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction, with emphasis on the integration of human and technical systems.

    Eugene D. Kirsch, Booz Allen Hamilton, Rockville, MD- For exceptional contributions to the application of standards and quality engineering methods to the management of enterprise quality and risk performance.

    Lou Ann Lathrop, Computer Engineering Services at Chrysler Group LLC, Auburn Hills, MI - For significant and tireless contributions to the advancement and promotion of the quality profession; for support, leadership, and encouragement of divisional and ASQ activities and initiatives; and for dedication, visioning, and expansion of traditional quality principles to improve the healthcare industry.

    Johannes Ledolter, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA - For developing new, important statistical methods for quality and process improvement; for innovative applications of statistical methods to solve important quality problems; for effective training of students at universities and in the industry; and for dedicated leadership to the quality profession.

    Jeanenne "Jd" Marhevko, SPX Test & Measurement, Canton, MI. - For significant contributions to the quality assurance profession spanning 25 years through quality management, consulting, and developing and teaching quality methods, leading to significant financial reductions to industry, and for extensive publications and presentations on the principles of effective strategic planning.

    Robert E. Meyer, UNIVAC, Division of Sperry Rand, St. Paul, MN - For outstanding contributions in quality education for ASQ members, industry, and the community through the extensive use of applied learning; for significant achievements in the application of quality system concepts in the medical device industry; and for distinguished service to his ASQ section and promotion of quality in the community.

    Todd Minnick, Luminex Corporation, Austin, TX - For dedicated leadership and invaluable contributions through the establishment of certification classes, educational events, and ASQ section website and section policies, and for exceptional service to the community and educational institutions by providing an enlightened quality perspective.

    Robert J. Scanlon, Transportation Security Administration, Arlington, VA- For exceptional effectiveness in the application of quality improvement tools and techniques for performance excellence in the manufacturing, service, and government sectors, and for dedicated service to ASQ through national and section positions and the nation as an examiner for the Baldrige National Quality Award.

    Robert K. Smith, Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC, Idaho Falls, ID - For outstanding promotion and implementation of software quality principles and processes; for contributions to quality in personal life and education; and for continuous contributions to section activities.

    Teresa A. Whitacre, Marketech Systems, Latrobe, PA - For exceptional dedication to ASQ and its profession; for excellence in the planning and operation of quality-focused activities through service to ASQ and in her professional endeavors; and for teaching, mentoring, and participating in many effective quality improvement projects.