LEVIS, QUEBEC-Creaform, a portable 3-D optical measurement technology company, is proud to count amongst its clients BMW Rosslyn in Pretoria, South Africa, that has successfully integrated a HandyPROBE arm-free and portable probing system to its manufacturing process and plant.

The car manufacturing giant has equipped the Quality Control Department of its BMW 3 series product site with a HandyProbe arm-free probing measurement system.

WENZEL Metromec, a Swiss company known for its inspection software, has developed an interface between the HandyProbe and its Metrosoft CM inspection software. Thanks to this new gateway, BMW was able to maintain its existing Metrosoft CM inspection programs and keep on using known inspection functionalities while improving their inspection process output through Creaform’s TRUaccuracy technology, which ensures highly-accurate measurements, regardless of the surrounding environment or vibrations.