Earthquakes are nothing if not destructive. This type of natural disaster, about as far from nondestructive as it gets, often leaves a high death toll in its wake, along with destroyed infrastructure.

In addition to the tremendous loss of life, the earthquake in China’s Sichuan province has caused transportation and communication problems. These issues forced the postponement of the 17th World Conference on NDT in Shanghai. The conference was too close to the Olympic games, according to conference organizers, and it was moved to October 25 to 28, 2008. Visit for more information.

Also in October, the Materials Science & Test (MS&T) will be held in Pittsburgh, October 5 to 9. Cherry A. Murray, Ph.D, will deliver the keynote address, “The Role of Science and Engineering in U.S.

Competitiveness.” The ASNT Fall Conference will be in Charleston, SC, November 10 to 14. Look for more information in coming issues, and visit and to learn more.

This month features articles from some new faces, including Bercli LLC from Berkeley, CA, and PQT Services in Greenville, SC.

Deborah Hopkins and Guillaume Neau of Bercli LLC contributed their thoughts on phased array advances, which represent a leap in inspection flexibility that is enabling new applications.

William Plumstead Jr. of PQT Services in Greenville, SC, provided an article on NDT training for the future, reminding us, “Obsolescence-being left behind by today’s fast-changing technology-should be a concern for both the employee and employer.”

Bill O’Neill of Wilson Instruments offers tips on materials verification, a fundamental element in analyzing component properties. “Proper verification of components provides valuable information on a material’s ability to perform and endure,” says O’Neill, and this information can ensure that items from chairs to bridges are made of the best material for the job.

William A. Reed of Varian Medical Systems’ Security and Inspection Products Group discusses emerging X-ray applications and trends in high-energy X-ray nondestructive testing. While early systems were expensive and often custom-made, Reed says recent technology improvements have strengthened the capabilities of these systems and broadened their applications.

Caresteam Health’s Steve Mango and Patrick C. Rodwell contributed an article on computed radiography training. In order to create long-term success in NDT careers, they say it is essential to educate trainees on common misperceptions in computed radiography.

This August issue also includes a tech showcase on thermal imaging, an application article on advanced X-ray imaging, and NDT news and products.

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