The 2-megapixel GE1650 provides 12-bit image data running 30 frames per second at 1,600 by 1,200 resolution. The GE1650 incorporates a Kodak KAI-2020 progressive scan CCD sensor with electronic shutter suitable for capturing high-speed motion events. The GE1650’s GigE Vision gigabit Ethernet interface provides plug-and-play capability and cable lengths up to 100 meters using standard Cat5e network cabling. Both color and monochrome models are available with either standard C-mount or optional F-mount. The camera also incorporates advanced features such as binning (up to 8 by 8), on-camera color interpolation, frame rate controls, advance triggering modes, as well as a full range of programmatic and automatic exposure controls. Operators also can control camera peripheral devices such as motorized lenses, pan/tilt units, and other devices over the gigabit Ethernet interface through an integrated RS-232 port on the camera.

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