OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Cooper Vision Technologies announced a distribution agreement with Bitflow Inc. (Woburn, MA). “Having known the founders of BitFlow for the past 12 years, I’m pleased to be working with such a fine team of individuals who have a proven track record for developing industry leading frame grabbers and standing behind them with excellent customer service” says Kevin Cooper, Covistech’s President.

“BitFlow is pleased to be working with Covistech to distribute our products in Canada. We’ve worked with Kevin Cooper for a number of years in different capacities and we value his product and market knowledge” says Bob Wolfe, BitFlow’s Director of Sales. “We understand how expensive and time consuming it can be to have new frame grabbers, or any components, change inside a customer’s system. Quality built products combined with Bitflow’s long term manufacturing of at least 7 years helps guarantee our customers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. BitFlow and Covistech are committed to the long term sales and support that customers need to be successful in their markets.”