NEW MILFORD, CT - American Competitiveness Institute (ACI) has chosen Vision Engineering’s (VE) Mantis to be used as the sole inspection equipment in its training facility. ACI has also chosen the MBT350 soldering/desolder station by Pace to be the soldering station of choice for its Philadelphia-based training center. The ergonomically designed Mantis inspection scope from Vision Engineering can help customers improve quality and increase productivity while the MBT350 from Pace is a fully self contained programmable high capacity, low temperature SMT/Thru-Hole soldering and desoldering system.

ACI offers courses in IPC and EMPF certifications, custom training in electronics manufacturing as well as engineering, and professional advancement. Through the utilization of hands-on training on actual production equipment, these courses give students the tools and techniques needed to increase efficiency in the workplace.

Jason Fullerton, of ACI, “We sought out the Mantis. I had previous experience with this scope, and it meets our needs here perfectly. We are thankful to Vision Engineering for helping us equip our training facility with their Mantis inspection equipment.”

Vision Engineering Inc. designs and manufactures ‘eyepieceless’ and expanded pupil microscopes and 2- and 3-axis non-contact measurement equipment. Established in 1958, more than 300,000 systems have been delivered to a world-wide customer base. Systems are used for inspection and non-contact measurement in industrial and laboratory applications.

The American Competitiveness Institute (ACI) is a scientific research corporation dedicated to the advancement of electronics manufacturing processes and materials for The Department of Defense and industry. The company operates the U.S. Navy’s National Center of Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing (Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility EMPF), the U.S. Army’s Electronics Sustainment Center (AESC) as well as the National Center of Excellence in Benchmarking and Manufacturing Best Practices (B2P). ACI also provides training, consulting, testing, analysis, and engineering services to the electronics industry.