Borescopes are flexible or rigid visual devices that are fitted with an optical lens on one end and an object lens on the other. The object lens is responsible for delivering images back to the eyepiece. A relay tube enclosed by fiber-optic cables provides proper lighting to clearly view the object inside. Borescopes are often used for works that involve hard to access areas or as non destructive testing equipment. Considering the technique employed, these devices are real time and money savers.

RF System Lab’s (www.rfsystemlab.us) VJ-ADVANCE is a highly-portable video borescope with joystick-controlled, four-way articulation. Features include a built-in 3.5” LCD display, on-board image and video capture capability, 2X digital zoom and easy one-hand operation. This video borescope is perfect for a wide range of industrial inspections. It is new to the market and very competitive on price and features.

AIT Snake-Scope Video Borescope

Advanced Inspection Technologies’ (AIT) (http://aitproducts.com) SnakeScope Video Borescope is an inspection camera designed for automotive, engineering, security, HVAC, plumbing, construction and other applications. The new hand-held video borescope can inspect pipes, engines, process lines, behind walls, industrial piping, HVAC, ducts and other difficult to reach areas up to a distance of 10 feet.

Schoelly Imaging Inc. EzyScope Video

Schoelly Imaging Inc.’s (www.schoellyimaging.com) EzyScope® Video Borescope with LED illumination is small and sturdy with a 3.8mm diameter probe offering two-way deflection and features integrated, high-power LED illumination and brilliant, full-screen video. Available with synthetic sheathing, 3.8mm diameter, or tungsten sheathing, 4.1mm diameter, the EzyScope’s working length is 1000mm with forward view and 50° field of view. Recognized for its superior functionality and ergonomics, EzyScope has a compact, stand-alone CCU (camera control unit) providing LED intensity control with both composite video output and USB 2.0 output for image capture.

SCHOTT North America, Inc.’s (www.us.schott.com/lightingimaging) leached fiber bundles are very flexible, coherent image guides. They are built by multiple draws of a high index core glass, with a lower index clad glass and an acid-soluble jacket glass. Leached Fiber Bundles are used primarily in endoscopes for medical or veterinary applications as well as in some industrial applications.

Gradient Lens Corporation Hawkeye Flexible Video Borescopes

Gradient Lens Corporation’s (http://gradientlens.com) Hawkeye Flexible Video Borescopes are an ideal choice for visual inspection when portability, and easy image capture, are key factors. These scope deliver 5-times higher image quality than fiber optic borescopes. Fully portable, they are either 2- or 4-way articulating, and come complete with video monitor and light source, all in one easy-to-use device. Hawkeye Pro Flexible Videoscopes are either 4 mm or 6 mm in diameter, and have flexible tungsten sheaths. They are available in lengths of 1.5 and 3.0 meters. Custom lengths up to 6.0 meters are available upon request.