The Nanosmart-PoE is a small 5-megapixel intelligent camera with active Power over Ethernet (PoE) in an industrial housing. The Nanosmart-PoE is equipped with the single board camera VCSBC4012 nano by Vision Components. All interfaces to the outside world are provided using just a RJ45 and a RJ48 plug. The RJ45 Power over Ethernet (active PoE) plug provides the 100 megabit data interface as well as power supply. The RJ48 plug makes available eight digital 24 V inputs or outputs and a 24 V DC power supply.

High-speed inputs and outputs are used for precise camera and flash light synchronization. The delay between flash trigger and exposure start is programmable as well as the flashing time. Thus, well-defined short exposure times are available-even with the rolling shutter of the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-camera with 5 mega-pixels. Six LEDs are available to display operational states.

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