COLUMBUS, OH - The American Society for Nondestructive Testing asks its membership to recommend qualified candidates to serve on ASNT’s board of directors. Three directors will be selected this year, each for a three-year term. This important task should be on members' agenda and discussed during section meetings this month.

As trustees and leaders of the society, the members of the ASNT board of directors are selected to bring breadth and depth of experience and understanding, coupled with qualities of character, vision, leadership, and responsibility to justify the faith of the members in electing them to lead and guide the society.

Nominations must be sent to Victor L. Hernandez, 2009-2010 Selection Committee Chair, in care of Stephanie Dille, Administrative Assistant, ASNT Headquarters, and postmarked no later than February 1, 2010. With each section supporting this effort ASNT should have a strong group of candidates from which to choose. For more information,