Flir, a leader in infrared technology, has created a new United Kingdom manager's post and filled it with someone who really needs no introduction to the industry. The man chosen to head the UK sales operation is Andy Baker, who has just completed 20 years in the industry.

Indeed, Andy's involvement in thermal imaging technology pre-dates his time with FLIR. He was previously UK sales and Marketing Manager for a company that developed the world's first portable uncooled thermal imaging camera and was subsequently bought by Flir. Initially, hechose a regional sales role with the newly-expanded Flir but in recent years has been the company’s distribution manager.

Now that Flir has chosen distributor sales channels for its entire range of cameras for plant maintenance and building inspection, Baker was therefore the prime candidate for the job. "Distribution is a natural progression for us," Baker explained. "We are no longer in a market dominated by cameras costing £30 to £50,000. Infrared is now a volume commodity that is best served by multiple sales channels."

He continues, "The infrared inspection market is really buoyant and, thanks to FLIR's high investment in R&D in both camera hardware and application-specific software, we are really able to offer customers cost-effective solutions. The potential for infrared remains huge and it's great to be at the forefront of its development."