SANTA CLARA, CA- Manufacturer of self-learning machine vision systems Sightech Vision Systems Inc. announced that it entered into a distributor agreement with Innovation Matrix Inc., a distributor of factory automation components and systems. The agreement states that Innovation Matrix will be the main distributor of Sightech’s PC-Eyebot machine vision systems throughout the Asian market.

The PC-Eyebot offers a self-learning approach to machine vision systems. Quality inspection and control for factory automation is done through a self-learning program using artificial intelligence, Neuro-RAM, with no programming required. Innovation Matrix as a domestic merchant and a foreign distributor will have license to PC-Eyebot’s technology and a version will be introduced as PC-Eyebot iMvision for Asia. Innovation Matrix will act as a strategic alliance and offer a distribution channel in these markets.

“Sightech’s innovative technology will help save time and cost for many automation factories in Asia,” says Eimei Onaga, president of Innovation Matrix. “As the product technology spreads, customers will find the efficiency provided by PC-Eyebot will provide them with more time to focus on their core competencies.”

“With Innovation Matrix’s marketing knowledge in the Asian market and the current need for high quality at affordable cost, we believe the PC-Eyebot iMvision version will quickly be widespread, improving the technology and efficiencies to these markets,” says Art Gaffin, chief executive officer of Sightech. “Through Innovation Matrix, our great technology will find its way to bettering the factory automation inspection and quality control process.”