Temperature Control

A mobile temperature control system for high-speed thermal testing of electronics, sensors and assemblies has been introduced by inTEST Thermal. The Thermostream® ATS-535 brings temperature to the test site by directing a stream of cooled or heated air, reaching temperatures between -60 to +225°C very quickly. Highly mobile, without the need for an external air supply, it can execute fast temperature transitions e.g. -40 to +125°C in 12 sec. This allows for thermal characterization at the test site, for example, rather than moving the test subject to a thermal chamber or custom engineered enclosure.

The Thermostream’s swivel arm and pneumatic controls allow precise connection with the device under test. System setup and control is accomplished via a controller with adjustable positioning for convenient local operation, as well as connectivity for remote operation.

ATS-535 provides a convenient thermal source for temperature testing and conditioning of small-mass test subjects in design and production environments.

inTEST Thermal Solutions



R&R Fixtures Rotational 3-Jaw Clamp can hold all your cylindrical or tubular parts by use of ID or OD on your parts. Our Rotational 3 Jaw Clamp can accommodate 7/8-inch diameter up to 3 1/8-inch diameter. Once you have the part secured the clamp can then be rotated around without opening the jaws. Clamp can be mounted horizontally or vertically with minimal contact to the part. The Rotational 3 Jaw Clamp is ideal for use with a vision and CMM machine.

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Mobile Surface Measurement System

Light and compact in design, easy to operate with long-lasting battery power, the new Jenoptik W10 mobile surface roughness measuring system is ideally suited for measurements on the production line or machining cell. The remote measuring capability brings the measurement lab to the shop floor. Simple to use, operation is intuitive through the easy to understand graphic user interface. More than 800 measurements with one battery charge guarantee a high level of reliability even during frequent use. Measuring results may be quickly printed out on the optional printer—wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.

Capable of checking more than 40 roughness and waviness parameters using an extensive array of probes and accessories, the new W10 can match the performance of more expensive stationary systems with its accuracy and precision. The W10 is capable of tracking eight separate measurement programs, including one for device verification, up to 100 separate profiles, with a total storage capacity of up to 10,000 completed measurements.

Jenoptik’s W10 specifications include:

Total deviation acc. to DIN 4772 Class 1
Measurement range/resolution
320 microns
Probe is an inductive skid probe
Measurement display is micron/microinch selectable
Max. traverse length is 17.5 mm
Data point interval minimum of 0.5 micron (9600 points when lt = 4.8 mm)

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