Machine vision engineers who are beginning to integrate one or two CoaXPress (CXP) cameras into their systems are discovering that they are limited to buying an expensive four-link frame grabber although they only plan on using a maximum of one dual-link camera or two single-link cameras.  BitFlow, Inc. is providing a cost-effective alternative to four-link CoaXPress (CXP) frame grabbers with its Karbon™ CXP2, a two-link frame grabber ideal for smaller vision systems. 

BitFlow Karbon-CXP2 frame grabbers offer video acquisition speeds up to 6 Gigabits per second, and will send control commands and triggers at 20 Megabits per second - all over a single piece of 75 Ohm coaxial cable in lengths up to 135 meters. Additionally, a maximum 13W of power can be transmitted to camera along the cable. Engineers leveraging the Karbon-CXP2 can easily re-purpose existing coaxial infrastructure with very low installation costs, reducing system complexity and improving utilization.  

Karbon-CXP2 frame grabbers will support either one two-link camera or up to two single-link cameras. Other features include:

Support of CXP speeds from 1.250 to 6.250 Gb/S;

Provides power for all cameras (up to 13 Watts per camera) and Safe Power full protection from all power line faults;

Cameras are Plug and Play with automatic link speed detection;

Cameras can be accurately synchronized, or can be completely unsynchronized;

PCI Express x8 interface (also works in x16 slots);

Separate I/O for each camera;

Highly deterministic, low latency frame grabber to camera trigger

Supports simultaneous serial communications to all cameras.

Adding the new Karbon-CXP2 to an application is simplified by the BitFlow SDK that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Applications can be developed using C/ C++/.NET and BitFlow’s sophisticated buffer management APIs. In addition, free drivers can be downloaded from the BitFlow web site for most 3rd party machine vision packages. 

Karbon models are software compatible with each other, as well as with all the other current BitFlow frame grabbers. This makes migrating applications from Camera Link or analog to CXP simple and quick.

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