ALEXANDRIA, VA—The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) is one of the four national programs nominated for the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council's Talented Workforce Initiative.  The Talented Workforce Initiative was created to identify the most imaginative and effective solutions for building the region's pool of manufacturing talent. 

"We are honored to have received a Talented Workforce Initiative nomination.  The U.S. has begun to experience a manufacturing resurgence with both U.S. and foreign multinational production facilities returning to our shores—and manufacturing jobs increasing.  In order to ensure that this trend continues, we must increase opportunities to prepare individuals with the higher skills needed by industry," said Leo Reddy, CEO of MSSC.  "MSSC Credentials help produce agile knowledge workers-the Industrial Athletes of the Future-with the stronger, cross-cutting foundational skills needed to help companies achieve greater productivity, innovation and global economic competitiveness."

Manufacturing makes the Great Lakes trading area home to the world's fourth largest economy, with a combined annual output of nearly $6 trillion.  The goal of the Council's far-ranging outreach is to share the best ideas and approaches for resolving a critical workforce shortage issue that threatens nearly all manufacturers and communities in the bi-national Great Lakes economy

The Great Lakes Manufacturing Council nominated thirty programs throughout the bi-national Great Lakes region for recognition as benchmarks for its Talented Workforce Initiative.  Nominees include programs in seven states and two Canadian provinces, as well as four US and Canadian national programs.

Nominees will be recognized on June 12 in Detroit at The Big M event celebrating the resurgence of manufacturing, and four will be presented with top awards.

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