By integrating the most recent advancements in optical and digital technologies, the Keyence VHX-5000 Digital Microscope is able to instantly capture any area in complete focus—without the need for the user to adjust focus. The VHX Series was designed to overcome the limitations of traditional optical microscopes by providing high-resolution, large depth-of-field imaging and integrated 2-D/3-D measurement in a system that anyone can easily pick up and operate without any specialized training.Microscope1_IN

The VHX-5000 is equipped with a new CMOS camera, capable of imaging at 50 frames per second, making it the highest frame rate digital microscope camera in the industry. Having a high frame rate camera and new graphics engine are essential to the advanced operation of the microscope and give it the unique ability to provide fully-focused images in as little as one second. Users simply need to move to the area that they want to view, and the VHX will automatically scan throughout the focal range and generate an image that’s completely in focus. Objects can now be seen in sharp focus in a fraction of the time of any other system on the market.

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