Working with a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Ametek Test & Calibration Instruments recently developed an innovative semi-automated solution for testing the firing mechanisms used in one-shot pressurized metered dose inhaler (MDI) canisters.

Previously there was no known dedicated testing solution for testing MDIs to protect patient safety by ensuring that the correct dosage of a drug is delivered with every release. The easy-to-use MDI Test System provides significantly faster turnaround than conventional testing systems. It is ideal for use in production, quality control, educational and research applications.

The tester detects the firing load and valve breakdown load of one-shot, pressurized MDI canisters. The breakdown test is carried out at a predefined load and tolerance to check that inhaler operation is at a consistent pressure to ensure correct dosages. A safety discharge port allows canister contents to safely vent to a collection vessel.

The test jig that holds the canister is custom designed to user requirements and is easy to remove, allowing the test machine to be used to perform other functions such as tension, compression, tear and peel, friction and cycling tests.

The MDI system is supplied complete with inhaler testing jig, interlocking safety shield, a 50N and a 1kN load cell, hand-held remote control and NEXYGENPlus software.

The instrument’s proprietary NEXYGENPlus software includes three dedicated inhaler test setups covering inhaler firing, valve breakdown/force to continuous (F2C) back travel and total travel.

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