The new versions of the software packages MoveInspect HF | HR, OPTOCAT and AICON 3D Studio have been launched.

The licensing of all packages is now standardized. Users only need one license for all systems; this license can be adapted to the individual measuring tasks. Scanning, probing, determination of reference information, deformation measurements – the various options are better geared to each other. This integrated utility allows e.g. for probing with a breuckmann scanner and the MI.Probe mini. Probes with different probe tips are automatically recognized during the measurement. Users can clearly distinguish them by their different colors.

For the scanner software OPTOCAT, various algorithmic improvements have accelerated the scanning process considerably. Data quality and accuracy were further improved. The module “Texture Mapping” allows for capturing and mapping the texture (color and pattern) of a scanned object to its digital 3D representation. Furthermore, the software was extended by an import function for OBJ files to facilitate data exchange and different CAD formats for comparison with measured STL data.

Even users of the MoveInspect HF|HR software benefit from innovations: accelerated measurement (up to 1000 Hz) and analysis, simplest setup in live-mode, improved user interface and supporting software assistants increase the utility for all users, regardless of whether they use the system for inspection tasks, positioning or the measurement of dynamic processes.

The new AICON 3D Studio (version 11) features a clearer and more flexible layout. Configurability was significantly extended. Users can more easily adapt the software to their measurement task and practice, e.g. with individual key combinations. New ways of visualizing deformations enable broader analyses.

The new module “Move6D” is a universal positioning tool e.g. for the alignment of components. Combined with a MoveInspect measuring system, single points as well as rigid bodies are monitored or positioned. Target positions are created through a measurement or the import of reference information. The number of captured points or objects is not limited. Even relative movements between objects can be measured by determining respective coordinate systems.

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