EXTON, PA In an interview on Allied Vision's website, the company's Chief Commercial Officer Michael Cyros spoke at length regarding Sony's announcement that it will stop production of all CCD sensors as of March 2017.

Cyros said he was not surprised by the announcement.

"Many in the industry had expected this to happen sooner or later," he stated. "As you know, CMOS sensors have become more and more popular in the last couple of years. With greatly improved image quality, sensitivity, dynamic range and speeds, they have outpaced CCD technology of late. Sony’s decision is a logical step in that context to provide further capacity for CMOS growth."

Cyros said customers should not be concerned, in the short term or long term, regarding the availability of cameras with CCD sensors.

"Sony announced that they will stop production two years from now and still ship CCD sensors until March 2020 based on indicated demands," he said. "So we are talking about a five-year horizon, which means that many imaging systems currently in use today will have reached the end of their natural life cycle before that anyway. However, we know that our customers rely on us to be a long-term stable and reliable supply partner, and we take our commitment to that expectation seriously.We at Allied Vision will work with our customers and Sony to evaluate long-term needs and secure volumes to serve them."

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