The MK-U6000 Series from Keyence Corporation features an easy-to-use interface, intuitive onboard maintenance functions, auto-shower self-cleaning, easy nozzle replacement and automatic connection with Keyence visions systems for OCR verification.

Conventional automatic cleaning only used solvent to clean the ink paths. With the newly installed auto-shower function the MK-U is able to clean the ink path, nozzle, electrode plates, and gutter all at once. This reduces disassembly for maintenance and enables stable printing by proactively sustaining the print head components. In addition, the nozzle can be replaced without using any tools. This reduces downtime in the event that a nozzle replacement is required.

Consumable parts, such as filters and pumps, require periodic replacements and can all be replaced without using a user’s manual or tools. The user needs only to follow the illustrated instructions that are outlined in the software, so replacements can be performed easily and accurately, even by users who have never performed these operations before.

The MK-U and Keyence vision systems can easily be linked just by connecting them with a single LAN cable. Both the MK-U and vision system can be operated from the MK-U touch panel. The MK-U is equipped with many useful functions, such as a function that synchronizes the print settings and inspection settings. The OCR dictionary has been prepared in advance with the MK-U’s specialized fonts, so no further settings are required after installation. In addition, no external devices are required, so anyone can easily perform inspections of printed text.

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