BETIM, BRAZIL Comau, a developer of engineering solutions for sustainable automation and production, will participate in FEIMAFE from May 18-23 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the main fair of machine tools and quality control in Latin America.

Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Comau is present in 17 countries around the world with more than 14,000 employees. In Latin America, the company is also a reference in maintenance services and industrial asset management, delivering a complete portfolio that increases the efficiency and productivity of its customers. In Brazil alone, Comau is present in nine states and employs over 5,000 people within the automation and maintenance services areas. Its customer list includes companies such as Fiat, Vale, Petrobras, Basf, GM and Ford.

During the fair, Comau will present, at the stand H698, its powertrain technology solutions, bodyshop and machining solutions, and its family of industrial robots.

Comau will present SmartRob: an automated robotic assembly station featuring cutting-edge Powertrain technology. SmartRob, produced in Brazil, is a modular system that supports various settings for the operation of assembly lines, and complies with NR12 and lean manufacturing requirements. During the event, the SmartRob 2400, which can be programmed to develop any engine assembly activity, will simulate an engine head valves assembly process, showing visitors the precision, speed and reliability of Comau production systems.

The SmartRob 2400 is the largest assembly cell in the range, is fully automated and comes equipped with a NJ60 robot. In this configuration, the cell can perform cylinder head assembly but can also be retooled with minimal investment to support other versions of the same or similar engine. SmartRob with the automatic tool changer integrates with the SmartCube concept to develop a full service line that adds scalability and efficiency to any assembly operation. As of today, up to 50 SmartRob cells have already been sold in Brazil.

Comau will also introduce its Smart NJ4 170-2.5 robot, which combines state of the art spot welding technology with the versatility and the hollow wrist technology of the Smart NJ4 industrial robot family. During the six-day exhibition, visitors will be able to see the versatility and precision of the robot simulating a welding process. The big advantage of this robot is that it is fitted with a welding gun fully integrated in the Hollow Wrist robot arm. This industrial robot is being widely used within both the Jeep Pernambuco and Fiat Betim projects.

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