R&R Fixtures offers modular CMM, white light/ laser scanner fixturing tables up to 60 x 120 in. (1,500mm x 3000mm) in size to accommodate any size of part your application may need. Each table top is made of a cast aluminum fixture plate with a hard coat NiTuff Teflon anodize or black finish anodize to minimize reflections from the optical work surface, give longer durability & to resist scratching.

Fixture plates are labeled with an alpha numerical grid pattern for ease of recording part setups and are available with either English or Metric threaded holes and can also be used in conjunction with our labeled components to hold any part secure for inspection. Tables are constructed from rigid, aluminum extrusions to withstand large and very heavy weight loads in two standard sizes 48 x 72 x 36  in./60 x 96 x 36 in. with custom sizes available upon request. Leveling feet and casters are also an option. One fixturing table can be used to securely hold all your parts.


 R&R Fixtures

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