Zygo Corporation introduced the ZeGage Plus optical profiler, a full-featured instrument for the 3D measurement of surface topography and roughness. The system provides the same ease of use, vibration robustness and small footprint as the ZeGage profiler but with a higher level of precision, faster measurement speed, and an increased range of measurable surfaces and features.

The ZeGage Plus utilizes ZYGO’s proprietary Mx™ software, for enhanced data visualization and quantification of step heights, texture, and volumetric applications. This highly optimized metrology software for data acquisition and analysis provides added capabilities for regions analysis and advanced patterns. ZeGage Plus profilers with optional automated XY sample stages have the added ability to combine overlapping measurements for the characterization of larger areas.

ZYGO’s wide range of highly optimized objectives provides the user with the ability to select the desired magnification and field of view without affecting height precision. Many of ZYGO’s extensive list of parfocal objectives can be used with ZeGage Plus profilers, from 1.4X to 50X, as well as 1X to 10X long working distance, and a 5X super-long working distance lens.


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