Based on its own patented tyre material technology, the Sonatest WheelProbe 2 – or ‘WP2’ – allows faster and more efficient scan mapping of large composite, aluminum and other metal surfaces.

As the best alternative to immersion inspection, the WheelProbe 2 offers a 1mm near surface resolution in the latest composite materials using a 5MHz array.  Available also with 10MHz, 3.5MHz and 2MHz versions, the WP2 is capable of measuring flaws in other more attenuating materials.  Weighing only 1Kg and 45% lighter than the earlier generation, this more versatile model offers distinct advantages for the operator, especially when scanning large areas upside down.

The WP2 offers features such as adaptable handles, adjustable laser guidance, LEDs for alarm feedback, remote control with start/stop, indexing and reset buttons as well as the on-probe remote display, The WP2 also has a detachable connection making cabling an economic and convenient ‘spare part’, which can be replaced in seconds, reducing downtime and increasing equipment utilization.  This also makes it easy to select the best cable length to suit the inspection task at hand.

Designed for both manufacturing and maintenance applications and environments, WP2 makes exhaustive scanning of large areas more efficient than ever, saving time and providing comfort and confidence to its operator.


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