Buehler introduced the new Wilson VH3300Vickers/ Knoop hardness test system at the Quality Show in Rosemont, Illinois.  The new VH3300 model with its extensive variety of scales and magnifications excels through maximum flexibility for automated hardness testing to ASTM and ISO in the test laboratory, in materials and product development, in clean production environments and in routine quality control.  It is ideal for more advanced heat treatment processes like the aerospace, energy, construction and transportation industries that require hardness testing systems to be durable while maintaining precise control during critical test data generation.

The VH3300 is equipped with the patent-pending collision protection technology, a high-speed sample stage and the DiaMet™ universal testing software. The Wilson VH3300  Vickers/ Knoop hardness test system features a 6-position test head with up to three indenters and three zoom objectives, an automated X/Y sample stage available in two sizes (180 mm x 180 mm as standard) and a powerful image analysis system. A wide range of test loads from 5 g to 60 kg (depending on configuration) renders the sturdy system suitable for a wide variety of applications.  A purpose-designed collision protection system helps to avoid accidental damage to the indenters and objectives due to operator errors. The VH3300 hardness testing system provides the ultimate high capacity testing platform capable of performing 150 make and measure indents an hour using the fully automated test program.

A high-resolution digital camera and long working distance objectives, in combination with innovative, calibrated digital zooming capability, provide up to 2000x magnification. The entire system is controlled through the DiaMet™ hardness automation software, including setting of test parameters, automated indentation and measuring, acquisition of test data, statistical analysis, data export, and a range of other functions speeding up the test procedure and ensuring high-accuracy acquisition and analysis of test data.



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