Dedicated to electromagnetic NDT technologies, Eddyfi announced the launch of the latest member of the Reddy™ family, Reddy 96.

Back in 2015, Reddy was introduced on the market a turnkey portable eddy current array (ECA) instrument offering a complete ecosystem designed for the in-service inspection needs of the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries to name a few. Until now, Reddy was available in 32 and 64 ECA channel configurations and over only a few months, several dozen units were sold on almost every continent. Customers around the globe became able to experience a fast and efficient way to address key applications like cracking and corrosion on pipes, vessels, tanks, and welds.

Reddy 96 allows for wider coverage and/or higher resolution single-pass scans. The new model features the same large, premium-quality, multi-touch screen and intuitive software interface capable of delivering the best of what ECA can offer: increased probability of detection, fast scans, and intuitive real-time C-scan imaging.
Combined with Eddyfi’s standard ECA or tangential ECA (TECA™) probes, probe customization services, and support from top application experts, Reddy is the first complete ecosystem for surface ECA inspections.