Albion Devices, Inc., announced the introduction of its new, redesigned and simplified “MP 16” (Albion part # 900900) sine wave phase controller for high current applications up to 6,000 amps, capable of providing the triggering and control of one or more high current SCR diodes. In a transformer circuit this controller can be set to provide an adjustable AC or half-wave DC current.

Applications include:

  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) control.
  • Replacement for TSI (Test Systems International, Inc.) controller or most other MPI machine controllers.
  • Control of any equipment requiring timed (or continuous) phase control of SCRs (up to 6,000 amps).

Features and specifications: 

  • Optional front panel (external) or internal controls (external shown in pictures).
  • Lockable front panel option (not shown in pictures).
  • Power controlled is limited by the transformer and SCRs selected.
  • Current measured is dependent on the shunt used.
  • SCR triggering can be set for times between .5 and 5.5 seconds duration.
  • Output current is measured by the shunt and displayed on the digital panel meter.
  • If the current measured is below an acceptable value, an alarm condition is shown.
  • Input Power Requirements: 120-240VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 5 Amp. Amphenol Series 97 circular connector.
  • Separate 2 amp fuse for PCB.
  • 5 amp circuit breaker for internal and AC accessory power.
  • Standard 120VAC, USA receptacle for fan
  • Two independent SCR driver output connectors. Each can be used for DC or AC operation. Amphenol Series 97 circular connectors.
  • Output current for SCR triggering = 300 mA clamped to 6.2 volts peak, with phase control for ampere adjustment.
  • Input connector for shunt.
  • Input connector for remote mag-shot operation.
  • DC or AC operation with LED indicators.
  • Demag function.
  • ”Coil” or “Direct” switch with LED indicators.
  • Digital LED current meter with “hold. True RMS reading.
  • Basic accuracy is 10% AC and 5% DC, full scale.
  • Infinitely adjustable, 10-turn current control pot.
  • Mag shot indicator LED.
  • Internal or External Mag Shot Timer function; .5 to 5.5 seconds.
  • Internal or External “Low Amp Alarm” adjustment and LED indicators.

Size: 10” wide, 11.5” High, 6.5” deep. Weight: 13 lbs.

Albion Devices, Inc.
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