We love granite. It's the primary building material for our machines for the main reason that it provides the most metrologically stable base to build our high accuracy CMMs from.

For one, it's what our company is founded on. Our ability to efficiently build CMMs from granite we process in-house is a cornerstone of what we do. We’ve used the same quarry to make the granite bases and components for all Wenzel CMMs. And we’ve help ensure processes for handling the massive granite stones have improved, allowing us to utilize more from a single block of stone. We’ve also streamlined the manufacturing process by combining the cutting grinding and milling operations into one complete process. These types of innovations improve our efficiency and increase the flexibility of our production schedule to react faster to changing demands.

It's our heritage as much as anything. and it sets a tone for our engineering and product development. Not only is it a stable material to build from, but designing our processes around granite gives us a stable vision and a consistency in how we approach new products and technology.
So why, you may ask, does this all matter? Why should you care about our granite? The fact is if we’ve done our job right, you never need to. The level of care we take to ensure that only the best material is used in the construction of our machines is a core principle, the center of all we do.
We build our machines on a 130-year-old tradition of quality and care that ensures the highest level of precision, and durability. We take the time to use the best materials, and the best processes, building an accurate and stable machine so that you don’t have to think about it. Anything less, wouldn’t be a Wenzel. For more information, go to wenzelamerica.com.