Herrmann Ultrasonics introduces two features to ensure more safety when changing welding tools with-in the production process.

Firstly an RFID reader has been integrated into the tooling which guarantees that the right tool is in-stalled for the production. Not only is it built into the sonotrode but also into the fixture. The ultrasonic welding system automatically associates the correct parameter setting for parts to be welded with the in-stalled tooling. Medical device manufacturers will benefit from this new feature as it adds immense production security.

Adding a second level of security is the integration of an optical sensor. Before each ultrasonic welding process, it verifies that the correct part in terms of shape and color has been placed into the fix-ture. If the system recognizes a mismatch, it locks the process, alarms the operator or puts the system on hold.

Both features can be easily integrated into the successful HiQ series ultrasonic welding machines, the HiQ DIALOG and the HiQ VARIO (see image 01), without having to add any additional external hardware or software. All elements are already available within the software solution package.

Hermann Ultrasonics