AHRENSBURG, Germany — Basler AG is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. What began as a two-man operation in the technical center in Lübeck has developed into a world manufacturer of industrial cameras.

The continuing further development of the ace camera series as well as the development and marketing of new technologies such as 3D and embedded vision are important elements in Basler’s product strategy. With the acquisition of mycable GmbH, a provider in the field of consulting and development of embedded computing architectures, Basler is strengthening the expansion of its business in the direction of computer vision.

Norbert Basler and Dietmar Ley are expecting developments in the coming years.

"The classic market of factory automation is changing; machine vision is constantly being revolutionized," the company wrote in a press release. "The embedded vision trend will gradually replace today's predominantly PC-based image processing and at the same time enable a multitude of new applications. We want to play an active role in this development and open up new market segments. This will lay the foundation for the sustainability of our growth."

"I am very proud of what we have achieved at Basler on the basis of trusting cooperation and long-term thinking, especially in our record year 2017," emphasizes CEO Dietmar Ley. "We owe this to our courage in taking risks and our willingness to understand constant change as normal - but above all to our more than 600 employees worldwide, their exceptionally strong identification with the company, their creativity and their motivation.”

More Information, visit www.baslerweb.com.