Signalysis, Inc., a leading provider of product quality inspection test systems, announces a sales representative agreement with Wisconsin-based North Central Manufacturing Solutions. Specifically North Central Manufacturing Solutions will work to provide manufacturers throughout the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois with Signalysis product lifecycle quality assurance testing solutions.

Steve Lamer, North Central Manufacturing Solutions owner, said, “In more than 25 years of specifying, implementing, and selling manufacturing solutions throughout Europe and North America I’ve learned that product quality remains one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers of all types and sizes. Faulty or under-preforming products result in excessive warranty claims, recalls and lost customers. I’m excited for the opportunity to provide manufacturers throughout the area with the proven solutions of Signalysis.”

Neil Coleman, Signalysis president, commented, “We are excited to have Steve representing Signalysis. He has a strong and well-rounded foundation of experience as a mechanical engineer working in robotics and manufacturing. Steve brings a wealth of experience to Signalysis. His commitment to customer service and willingness to go the extra mile aligns with our own personal and business values. We welcome Steve and look forward to his contributions for years to come.”

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