Signalysis, Inc. announces a sales representative partnership with Vaughn Associates, Inc. Under the agreement Vaughn Associates will work with manufacturers throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and Tennessee to enhance product quality with Signalysis solutions.

Signalysis test systems help ensure quality throughout the product lifecycle. Signalysis replaces subjective testing with objective testing to quantify customer complaints and other objectionable noises to help deliver defect-free products.

Tom Cooney, Vaughn Associates, President & Sales Manager comments, “In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, product quality issues have a direct and measurable impact on the bottom line. Excessive warranty claims, lost contracts, and decreased market share can have unrecoverable consequences. As a result, quality remains an overriding concern for most manufacturers today. We are excited for the opportunity to provide manufacturers in our area with the proven solutions of Signalysis.”

Neil Coleman, Signalysis President says, “Vaughn Associates has a well established reputation throughout the region and among its growing customer base. Service is at the top of our list; from Signalysis and those who represent us. We have to be confident that a partner reflects our core values and commitment to responsiveness. We are pleased to be working with Vaughn and look forward to providing quality solutions and service to manufacturers and suppliers throughout the region.”

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